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Tell the White House to Protect Whales

Whales rely on sound to survive and prosper. Urge the Obama administration to help them by halting all permits for seismic surveys in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Protect Forage Fish

Growing demand and the potential for new commercial fisheries could threaten these small fish, which play a key role in the Mid-Atlantic ocean ecosystem.

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Free Sticker: Save Our Aquatic Neighbors

Are you a New Yorker who cares about your aquatic neighbors? Sign up now and get a free sticker so you can showcase your seascape spirit.

Skates and Rays

Closely related to sharks, many are in peril today due to overfishing. We’ll take a close look at these underappreciated animals and the crisis some face.

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We’ve long feared the sight of a shark fin cutting through the water. In reality, sharks are a diverse group, vitally important to the health of our seas.

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Many of the most magnificent ocean giants are swimming right under our noses. We’ll have unprecedented views of their often hidden world.

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American Eels

From their birth in the Sargasso Sea, American eels embark on a fascinating journey. We’ll trace the impressive path.

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