Blue York

NOAA Moves Hudson Canyon Nomination Ahead

February 22, 2017

Photo Credit: Ricardo Antunes/WCS

The Hudson Canyon is a critical habitat for a diverse range of leviathan whales, majestic sharks, endangered sea turtles, colorful coldwater corals, and a vast array of other marine wildlife that support local commercial and recreational fisheries, wildlife watchers, and others. It's also a hub of deep-sea fiber-optic trans-Atlantic cables, critical for connecting the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area to the rest of the world.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has agreed that this magnificent seascape deserves consideration for protection. This decision marks an important milestone towards designating the first National Marine Sanctuary in ocean waters off New York and New Jersey.

Now is the time to speak out and protect this vulnerable ecosystem from oil and gas exploration and extraction, on behalf of the marine animals who thrive within in, and the people who depend upon it.

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